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Unique reusable grocery bags, cake slicers, lens cleaners, and more gifts that make life easier and more fun.

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Giving someone you care about a unique gift will make your relationship with them stronger.

But there's a problem...

• Finding unique gifts for your loved ones can be a hassle so you waste your valuable time trying to find a great gift.

• Not to mention that once you finally find a gift the price is too expensive!

The I2V Store is a one-stop shop for one of a kind gifts that make life easier and more fun.

FLOYD&MAY - Universal Tote Bags

Floyd&May offers eco-friendly tote bags you can use for grocery shopping, travel, and for carrying your pet's items when taking them for a walk. These stylish reusable tote bags help you be more organized, which means you can find things faster in the least amount of time.

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PERSLICE - Perfect Cake Slicer and Server

Perslice offers the ultimate cake slicer and server for cutting rounded desserts into equal slices. Perslice also helps you bake, cut and serve your favorite desserts effortlessly with more products that make baking fun and easy. This means you can spend more time and energy with your guests and enjoy your delicious desserts together.

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SWIPEZE - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Swipeze offers 3 microfiber cleaning cloths with a convenient pouch to store your cloths. Each set helps you keep your lenses clean wherever you go. The microfiber cleaning cloths are reusable so you can continue to use them, which means you also spend less and keep your lenses cleaner longer.

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Enjoy unique gifts you won't find anywhere else.

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